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RFU roles? Queue here

The fallout from England’s dismal World Cup – ineptitude on the field, indiscretion off it – has been dealt a significant blow with the leaking of details of three confidential inquiries into events in New Zealand.

The reviews by the RFU’s director of elite rugby Rob Andrew, the players’ union and the professional clubs, have found their way to the pages of The Times.

Not ideal timing when the RFU is looking for a chief executive and a head coach to replace Martin Johnson who chose to fall on his sword prior to the gory details of the infighting among players and officials being made public.

Is it any wonder that there is not an orderly queue forming outside Twickenham for the top two posts in English rugby?

The RFU has a shortlist of three for the chief exec role (salary £350,000) but two of the candidates are re-thinking. They are clearly pondering whether they want to be part of an organisation that is, not for the first time, in utter disarray.

Players more interested in making money than representing their country, drunken antics with the captain in the lead role, alleged hush money after dalliances with chamber maids. Ill-discipline and lack of leadership, on and off field, lackadaisical training regimes – just a few of the details contained in the reviews.

“You have to ask whether there is a sport in this country that is run more badly,” says politician and former England wing Derek Wyatt. “The need for a chief executive is great, yet even if they found one tomorrow he would not be able to start work for between three and six months. Sponsors are making threats and I cannot see why the RFU has not asked Francis Baron (the former chief executive) to come back and steady things.”

Identifying a coach is also proving problematic. Former South African coach Nick Mallett was the early leading contender but has since ruled himself out.

Another former South Africa coach, Jake White, who has expressed an interest, provides an interesting take on the situation. “I don’t know how I’d react if I was called by the RFU, one never knows until you are in that situation.”

White, or any other candidates, would be wise to consider the comments of Jeremy Guscott, a former England and Lions team-mate of the deposed Johnson.

“He didn’t have the CV to do the job but the RFU backed him and he backed himself and unfortunately and regrettably he came up short,” Guscott told the BBC – helpfully.


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