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A lesson for WAGs

TeresaSo footballers’ wives do have some dignity after all.

Take Teresa Enke, the widow of German international goalkeeper Robert who confronted the media to explain the suicide of her husband earlier this week.

Teresa’s performance was brave and heart-rending. She spoke with solemnity about how her husband had been battling depression brought on by family tragedy. 

Enke took his life after fearing that his adopted daughter would be taken from the couple by authorities if his illness became known. He had also struggled to cope with the death of their biological daughter Lara, who died at the age of two in 2006 of a rare heart condition.

Enke, 32, walked into the path of a train near his home in Hannover having left a suicide letter in which he apologised for hiding the condition of his mental state.

Teresa, dressed all in black and fighting her emotions, said: “I tried to be there for him, said that football is not everything. There are many beautiful things in life. It is not hopeless. We had Lara, we have Leila.

“I always wanted to help him to get through it. He didn’t want it to come out because of fear. He was scared of losing Leila. It is the fear of what people will think when you have a child and the father suffers from depression. I always said to him that that is not a problem.”

She continued: “When he was acutely depressed, then that was a tough time. That is clear because he thought there was no hope of a recovery on the horizon for him.

“After Lara’s death everything drew us closer together, we thought that we would achieve everything. I tried to tell him that there is always a solution. I drove to training with him. I wanted to help him to get through it.”

Enke was hit by a train travelling at 100mph as it passed through a level crossing on its route between Hamburg and Bremen.

He could be proud of the manner in which his wife brought distinction to his memory.

English WAGs please note.


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